An old man yelling at the (internet) cloud

Old man yelling at cloud

I’m yelling at the chatGPT cloud as Wolfram Mathemmatica is a shell of it now

I did a trial install of Mathematica 14 (The Thirring Institute is a Mathematica shop).  I was pretty excited to try out the new LLM features. The Big Change(tm) advertised for this version was the inclusion of AI. I tried to use the various AI features and found it’s just a shell to ChatGPT, not even Wolfram(the company behind it)’s own stuff. Trying to use it gives errors like “Unable to complete the task, rate limited” (even on the first use). Other features require a paid ChatGPT 4 account. Keep in mind, Mathematica can cost up to several thousand dollars (depending on if you’re in industry, government or even a student)

Now don’t get me wrong, Mathematica is an amazing product, filled with many many features. I’ve been using it since the first version. Incredibly powerful and wonderful stuff. However, if your best feature is an enshitified shell of someone else’s product, than your new product isn’t that great either! If you’re going to buy Mathematica, get it for all the internal features and other cool things. Forget the AI crap

Mathematica 14 logo

Mathematica 14 logo


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