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Techno Meltdown Hell Week

Oh what a week it’s been. Endless technological failures plaguing us.It started with the failure of a microphone! This was bought only a year or two ago…suddenly it just stopped working. Would only record faintly with alot of static. A … Continue reading

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Ipad OS 16.1 is terrible. Let’s hope they improve it!

So I updated to Ipad OS 16 on my ipad mini in tingly anticipation of a number of features.What a mistake that was!  The features Apple was crowing about either aren’t there or don’t work. Undo e-mail does not work. … Continue reading

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Amazon third party seller issues and the A to Z guarantee.

I ordered a chalkboard from Amazon to add to my studio. Sounded like a good idea at the time. Took two weeks+ to get here, but did I get the chalkboard? Nope. I got a large and very heavy bookshelf. … Continue reading

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Transitioning to a tech thoughts site

When I’d first set this site up, I’d hoped it would be a place to find fixes and such, but I never got that part off the ground for a variety of reasons. This blog will now become a place … Continue reading

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My ebook experience and why I think libraries and Bookstores are pretty much safe for now

Recently I had heard of an interesting story by Geoffrey ALandis called “Vacuum States”. A quick searc h of the net showed no copies available to read on their own. I found that this story was located in two places. … Continue reading

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