Ipad OS 16.1 is terrible. Let’s hope they improve it!

So I updated to Ipad OS 16 on my ipad mini in tingly anticipation of a number of features.
What a mistake that was!  The features Apple was crowing about either aren’t there or don’t work.

  1. Undo e-mail does not work. There simply is no option to do this on an ipad
  2. Stage Manager doesn’t work. Doesn’t even exist on the mini. Maybe on the ipad pro, I don’t know at this point.
  3. Undo imessage does not work.  Even amongst IOS 16 devices. Works from an iphone with Ios 16 to the ipad, but not the other way around.

We do get a new weather app, and maybe some security updates, but nothing more. It’s a half-finished low grade beta version compared to even what is released on iphones.

The lock screen font is also terrible. The numbers look like fat greasy sausages

I beg Apple to fix these issues and make Ipad OS 16 the software update it should be!
Poor Steve Jobs would be rolling in his grave!

Font as fat greasy sausages
Awful font
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